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Written by Mellisa James Gibson | Directed by Sharanya Ramprakash

A superbly crafted funny, witty, sharp, self-deprecating & wholly truthful take on four urban 30 somethings who are past their youthful sheen and are now negotiating the Rest of Their Lives. Ever had that sinking feeling that your life doesn't add up to anything significant? You're not alone. Jane is a poet-without-a-muse, a single mother trying to reignite her life after she suddenly loses her husband. Marell and Tom are exhausted parents of a baby who sleeps in 15 minute increments, treading some shaky marital ground. And Alan, cursed with perfect memory, is searching for a place to start from some sort of scratch. 


Jane: Kavitha Babu Kashyap

Tom: Swetanshu Bora

Marell: Serena Punch

Alan: Nakul Bhalla

Jean Pierre: Siddhartha Rao 


Production Coordinators : Sridhar Prasad and Karan Shurpalekar

Lights Design and Execution : Harish Seshadri

Set Design and Artwork: Rupesh Patange

Sound Execution : Rohan Singhvi

Sound design and live music: Pradeep Gopal, Madhuri Issac, Felix