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Written By Ingvar Ambjørnsen | Directed by Sharanya Ramprakash

Mommy's boy Elling and his roommate, the uncouth Kjell Bjarne, are the Odd Couple of Oslo; a pair of confused souls taking their first steps in the outside world after years of isolated, institutional life. Given a flat in the city by the social services department, they must re-assimilate themselves into society or face a return to the asylum. So its simply a question of convincing their social worker that they are really normal - even if it does feel safer sleeping in the wardrobe...Based on the cult Norwegian novel by Ingvar Ambjørnsen and Oscar nominated film, Elling is a delightful heart-warming comedy.


Elling: Deepanjan Dey

Kjell Bjarne: Swetanshu Bora

Frank Asli: Akhil Iyer / Karthik Subramanium

Alphons Jorgenson: Nakul Bhalla

Reidun Nordsletten: Nidhi Pant / Rency Philip

Gunn: Serena Punch / Sonali Kumar

Poets: Sonali Kumar and Jerine Thomas Sunny / Anupam Arunachalam / RK Shenoy / Tavish Bhattacharyya / Siddhartha Rao


Production Coordinators: Sridhar Prasad, Karan Shurpalekar

Light Design & Execution: Tabish Shakil, Harish Seshadri

Sound Design & Execution: Tejas Vyas

Set Design: Madhurima Kordale, Sridhar Prasad

Backstage: Kaustubh Mittal, Sandeep M.S, Mariam Ali, Rohan Singhvi

Artwork: Rupesh Patange